COBO SOCIAL | Beyond Being the Golden Girl: Priyageetha Dia On Evolutions In Her Practice

Michelle JN Lim, Cobo Social , June 21, 2022

Singaporean artist Priyageetha Dia first made a splash in the art sceneand on national broadsheetwhen she covered the staircase of a public housing estate in gold foil in 2017. Since then, she has made leaps and bounds in expanding the materiality and research rigour of her practice.


“Forget Me, Forget Me Not” is the artist’s solo exhibition debut, following the announcement of her representation by Yeo Workshop. It is a multi-sensorial installation that pulls together the artist’s various strengths, most exciting of which are her foray into the realm of CGI and video editing.


We chat with her about the untold stories that she is excavating in her work and how they draw attention to the legacies of violence and power imbalance in colonial history which persist to this day in how they determine what gets remembered and forgotten.