Portfolio Magazine | Untold Narratives

Y-Jean Mun-Delsalle, Portfolio Magazine, February 1, 2023

"Drawing from her direct environment and personal experiences that she then reinterprets, Singaporean photo and video artist Sarah Choo Jing’s works lie in that uneasy space between fact and fiction, as she creates her own vision of reality, while unveiling the loneliness that’s part and parcel of contemporary society."


"A voyeur watching and observing others, Sarah Choo Jing captures our most private, mundane, or unnoticed moments. The Singapore-based artist’s visually rich and evocative images bound by a strong sense of narrative tackle themes of solitude and distance in our daily lives, showing the ways in which we connect or choose not to. In ultra-urbanized Singapore where we’re constantly surrounded by people and in an increasingly connected, globalized world, we’ve never felt more apart."