ARTITUTE | INNATE: Aki Hassan, Filippo Sciascia, Fyerool Darma, Jonathan Nichols and Xue Mu

Artitute, September 27, 2021

INNATE is a dialogue in the gallery that takes the pulse with five cognitive artists – Aki Hassan, Fyerool Darma, Filippo Sciascia, Jonathan Nichols, and Xue Mu – who create across various mediums and who have maintained a continual process-driven studio practice throughout the pandemic times. In this pluralistic exhibition, they articulate their latest findings and ideas in gestural movements present in the works that indicate the unseen processes that made them possible, highlighting the relationship between their works and themselves, or between the marks on the surface and their minds and bodies as the driving force behind them – the most indelible artist’s signature.


Yeo Workshop interviewed the artists.