Art & Market | Review of Art Dubai: Bawwaba, Digital and more from Southeast Asia

Nadya Wang, Art & Market, March 13, 2023

In the Bawwaba section, Yeo Workshop presented the work of artist Maryanto, ‘When the Trees Fall’, which aims to bring public awareness to the overdevelopment of palm oil plantations in South Kalimantan and the detrimental effects this has on the forests. The artist says, “By turning the problems into stories that can be told and heard by many people, I can ensure that these stories do not stay hidden.” He elaborates, “My goal is to bring attention to serious problems that need to be addressed and discussed, in the hope that change is effected. I was pleased to be able to share a hidden story with fairgoers at Art Dubai.”


Audrey Yeo, Founder, Yeo Workshop reflected that the fair was a good size that was segmented well. “I enjoyed seeing the intersection of art from around the world with a high quality of presentation of works from Korea, India, Istanbul, etc.,” says Audrey. “I was able to learn about many great new artists.  The talks programmes were engaging and inspiring, from how luxury brands engage with art, to digital futures, to what Dubai is aspiring towards in the fields of art and culture.”