Singapore Art Museum | Port/raits of Tanjong Pagar: Encounters with Art in the Neighbourhood

April 29, 2023
"Across the public spaces between Outram Park MRT and Singapore Art Museum’s current location at the Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Port/raits of Tanjong Pagar showcases the dramatic transformations of the district over the decades, through a series of public artworks by six artists and collectives: Aki Hassan, Divaagar, Space Objekt, Grace Tan, Zen Teh and Isabella Teng."
Aki Hassan
'Grounding Points: Settled' and 'Grounding Points: Settling In'


Stainless steel, fibreglass 180 x 50 x 280 cm and 120 x 120 x 270 cm

Location: Duxton Plain Park, Entrance at New Bridge Road


The two sculptural forms situated in the Northern and Southern points of Duxton Plain Park, Grounding Points: Settled and Grounding Points: Settling In accentuate notions of support systems and dependencies reflected in our contemporary landscape. Interlocking two distinct materials in each sculpture, their bodies—although seemingly balanced from afar—can be seen leaning on each other.


Grounding Points: Settled and Grounding Points: Settling In take their cue from the familiar materials around us, natural and man-made. Like the park nestled in the bustle of the concrete cityscape, the artwork is inspired by structural elements from these shared spaces. Mirroring species of tree to metal forms found throughout the park, the artwork pays homage to reciprocal connections and kinship between the synthetic and organic, as well as humans and nonhumans.