Art & Market | Fresh Faces: Aki Hassan

Nabila Giovanna W, Art & Market, May 30, 2023
"My immediate experiences within the community have informed a bulk of my research and core ideas that I explore. For me, the complexities of care work first surfaced within the framework of queer kinship, as it is a space that is in constant flux and change. I think about the suppressions and weight that we already carry as individuals. When we gather, there may be moments of imbalances and unexpected shifts, which further complicate the exchange of care. 
In my recent solo exhibition, ‘Entangled Attachments’ (2023), I explore the potential expression of care by being nearby—in proximity to—one another. I believe that kinship can be built in the first moment of recognition and a sense of familiarity. That is simply what I did by placing objects and drawings in relation to one another while allowing the gestural vocabularies and motifs to pulse through each work."