FRIEZE | Fyerool Darma: Another Day in Paradise?

Wong Bing Hao, Frieze, July 5, 2019

At Singapore’s Yeo Workshop, the artist unsettles the image of Southeast Asia as a tropical getaway.


A self-professed jester, Fyerool Darma is quick to embrace amusing mishaps in his practice. He also takes in his stride any misinterpretations of his work. Darma’s sensitivity and self-reflexivity are particularly apparent in ‘Sunny, your smile ease the pain’, his second solo exhibition at Yeo Workshop, a commercial gallery in Singapore’s arts enclave, Gillman Barracks. A single installation of reformulated artistic debris from Darma’s works and exhibitions since 2017, ‘Sunny’ offers a consolidated overview of the artist’s preoccupations through an array of his textiles, canvases and works on paper.