FEMALE | Things To Do In Singapore: An Unusual Tea Experience In Chinatown & More

Keng Yang Shuen, Female, March 26, 2022

Singapore artist Wong Lip Chin‘s work delves deeply into the intricacies of Chinese culture and history and his latest piece brings that fascination to life vividly.


Titled The Gathering, it’s a site-specific installation in Chinatown that is produced and curated by Singapore curator and exhibition-maker John Z.W. Tung who was inspired by winding stream parties – an ancient practice dating back more than 1,600 years when Chinese scholars would seat along the banks of a coursing stream and compose poems as cups of rice wine float down to reach them.


Wong has re-created this elegant ceremony for contemporary audiences of all faiths and cultures, where he’ll be hosting tea and incense pairing experiences weekly. The artist has blended and crafted the tea selection himself and will serve them on a set of exclusive teaware, made from Singapore clay specially crafted for the programme by Kim Whye Kee of Qi Pottery. Book a slot here.


Aside from the ceremony itself, there are also other activities such as walks around Chinatown that are meant to spotlight Singapore tea culture, as well as a guided tour by established local photographer Ken Cheong to uncover new ways of experiencing and understanding the streets of Chinatown through the camera’s viewfinder. Find out more here.