ART FORUM | Constant Craving: Wong Bing Hao at Singapore Art Week 2022

Wong Bing Hao, Art Forum, February 1, 2022

Equally topical was Fyerool Darma’s superlative exhibition of “screenshot culture,” or, as Ditzig described it, “post-Internet in Southeast Asia.” Central to the exhibition were eight textiles, handwoven by the artist and displayed in special frames made from fiber-optic cables, which were placed against a backdrop of digital debris: amplified and cut-out screenshots of games, news articles, and stock images from the artist’s online perambulations. Fyerool’s weavings are intentionally futile and imprecise exercises in recreating these digital images in analog form; his labors are evident in a disordered vitrine, the first thing visitors see, bearing his loom and rubbish from the exhibition’s production.