Fyerool Darma's object and material experimentations are based on an extensive visual vocabulary drawn from popular culture, literature, the archives, the Internet and the artist's own life.

FYEROOL DARMA (b. 1987, Singapore) continues to live and work in Singapore. He draws on an extensive visual vocabulary from popular culture, archival material, literary references, the Internet and the artist’s lived experiences. Engaging actively with object and material experimentations, Fyerool often incorporates elements of imaging, sculpture and digital or time based medias in his installations.


Recent solo presentations include ‘L4ND$C4P€$ 4R3 L4NDF33LZ & 4N ♥C34N FVLL ♥F D4+4 WASTESS$ZZ’, at the inaugural Seoul-Frieze presented with Yeo Workshop (2022). He has presented his projects through group exhibitions such as As the West Slept, Silver Art Projects, Transient Museum of a Thousand Conversations: LIR at ISCP (International Studio and Cultural Program), Cast But One Shadow: Afro-Southeast Asian Affinities, Living Pictures: Photography in Southeast Asia, and Radio Malaya: Abridged Conversations About Art in the NUS Museum. His long-term project ‘After Ballads’, took place at the NUS Museum, Singapore (2017 - 18). He was also Artist-in-Residence at NTU - Centre for Contemporary Art.