“I was first inspired by the Ripley scroll, intrigued by the iconography and symbols used. I felt certain objects in my drawings also symbolise secret feelings and thoughts that I have but that I fail to be able to convey fully in words, so they’re like a parallel universe to my existence.”

GERALDINE LIM (b. 1996, Singapore) is interested in the psychological context of social alienation, the non-conforming and the strange. Working primarily with soft sculpture and video, she explores the idea of the in-between and the transgressive within objects and forms. Her current practice is a world building exercise involving recurring amorphous creatures that live in the realm of fantasy, working with fragmented narratives that navigate through the process of introspection that are informed by her surroundings and experiences- whether in reality or in dreams. She enjoys combining influences from science fiction, fantasy and myths to create drawings of stills in her ideal phantasmic world and writing short stories of them. Lim graduated with an MFA from LASALLE College of Arts Singapore in 2019.